A downloadable game for Windows

A Giant Bomb themed platformer game inspired by their antics in Mario Maker.

Made using Game Maker Studio 2 for submission to the Giant Rom 5 game jam. Have fun!

2.0 Update!

Tweaked boss encounter.

Added a new playable character.

Added a bonus stage unlocked by collecting all big coins in the main stages.

1.2 Update! 

Based on feedback I've added variable jump height and d-pad movement support.


WASD/Arrow Keys/D-pad/Left analog stick - Move

Space Bar/A button/X button - Jump

Mouse/Right Stick - Aim

Left Mouse/RT/R2 - Attack

ESC/Start - Pause

Known Bugs

Some collisions are wonky and your character might get stuck in a block. If this happens pause and restart the level.

Some hitboxes need work.


Art by me.

SFX by me using bfxr.net.

Programming by me with lots of help from Shaun Spalding's tutorials!


Music by Komiku.


Police State 2.0.exe 77 MB


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I was annoyed because I couldn't jump on enemies' head, but then it all turn around. Best 1-1 remake ever.

That last boss is though as hell...

Thanks for the feedback! Keep an eye on this page as I'll be uploading improved builds soon!